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FPIS Investigations LLC is an investigative and security sourcing solutions company based in Virginia, with over 20 years of experience. FPIS specializes in Private Investigations, providing a consistent, professional, and committed team of skilled experts with a wide range of services, combining industry experience and a drive that reinforces the bond between their clients and the community.


FPIS services consist of Private Investigations of Claims, Background, Surveillance, Property & Casualty, Serious/Critical, Workplace, and EEO Investigations. Additionally, FPIS offers background checks and risk assessments. Furthermore, FPIS Investigations professional affiliations include, Association of Certified Background Investigators (ACBI), Association of Workplace Investigation (AWI), and Professional Background Screening Association (PBSA). FPIS Investigations, LLC is the investigative team devoted to innovative problem solving that keeps our world safe.

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FPIS Investigations is committed to integrity, quality, and service in support of each client’s unique objectives. We are committed to our sole purpose to detect, prevent, and document areas of insurance fraud. Our values are connected to our vision, purpose, strategies, and success measures.

We stand with our clients to inform, educate & protect them from further damages.

Progressive solutions

The Special Investigative Unit (SIU) Investigations

  • Staged accidents
  • Vehicle thefts
  • Injury claims to suspect medical treatment
  • Recorded statements

Claims Investigations

  • Slip and falls
  • Workers comp
  • Activity checks
  • Locus investigation to analyzed the damage caused

Background Investigations

  • Employment for suitability or security clearance
  • Preliminary checks of candidates

Surveillance Investigations

  • Workers Comp
  • Injury claims from various reported incidents

EEO Investigations

  • Investigate various types of discrimination claims in the areas of but not limited to; age, disability, harassment, sexual harassment, race/color, national origin, etc.

Risk Management

Implement Risk Control Solutions with full-scale inspection data and reporting. We Identify Operational Risk and Minimize Loss Prevention.

  • Explore Risk Avoidance and Risk Reduction While defining Implications of Property Coverage

Our Trusted Clients


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